В каких секторах работают провинциальные Акселлераторы Канады? Пример Атлантической Канады в этом обзоре: EdTech, Agro Tech, Event Tech, Food Tech.

ИТ-акселератор Propel в Атлантической Канаде объявил о семи компаниях-выпускниках из последней когорты своей программы Traction and Growth.

Программа Traction and Growth предназначена для стартапов, которые уже завершили более базовый ускоритель Propel Vision and Validation для самых ранних стартапов. Компании Traction and Growth должны иметь ежемесячный доход не менее 1000 долларов и основателей, которые работают над бизнесом полный рабочий день.

Компании, выпускники Акселлератора в этом году.



Mubdu Alali, CEO

Bloxo is an online platform that helps users find or organize recreational sporting events.

Easy Platter


Madhir Singh, Founder

Easy Platter is an online platform that lets personal chefs prepare weekly meals once at affordable prices for middle-income families.



Imad Boumahdi, CEO

PayTic is a SaaS platform that helps financial institutions streamline their business processes by consolidating disparate tasks, like risk control, processing chargebacks and regulatory filings.


Mount Pearl, NL

Colin Hunt and Jonathan Young, Co-Founders

Prospre is an app that helps users create custom meal plans based on their nutritional requirements, personal preferences and dietary restrictions.



Mike Morris, CEO

Until recently, Resson was developing two technology platforms simultaneously: one that used satellite imagery to give farmers broad advice about caring for their fields as a whole and one that used cameras mounted on tractors to offer feedback at the level of individual plants. In June, McCain Foods bought the satellite imagery business and Resson is now focused on the tractor-mounted camera system.


Toronto and Charlottetown

Harrison Olajos, CEO

UP360 is developing educational software for high schools, post-secondary institutions and trade groups that uses virtual reality to offer hands-on learning experiences without the need for access to specialized equipment or supplies.