Климатические стартапы Британской Колумбии, Канада. Climate Solutions

По данным Экономической комиссии Ванкувера, климатический кризис налицо, и он становится неотложным.

В 2021 году организация запустила программу Angels for Climate Solutions, предназначенную для увеличения притока капиталовложений в стартапы в Британской Колумбии, занимающиеся климатическими технологиями на ранних стадиях.

Таким образом, в 2023 году потребность в инновационных решениях будет больше, чем когда-либо, считает организация, поэтому VEC недавно выделила 15 стартапов в области климатических технологий.

В течение нескольких недель эти стартапы будут оттачивать питчи, ориентироваться в структуре сделок и представлять свои инновации группе. Затем отобранные финалисты будут соревноваться за главный приз: инвестиции в размере 100 000 долларов США.

Ниже представлены конкурирующие стартапы и компании:

  • Asset Market is a B2B SaaS platform that connects organizations needing to install EV chargers, telecoms, and IoT devices with owners and operators of the land, buildings, and structures where these devices will be placed.
  • BryoSphere Biotechnologies uses engineered moss plants to make rare, plant-derived ingredients for many industries, including skincare and cosmetics, nutraceuticals, therapeutics and food and beverage.
  • Build Smartr Robotics is a construction company that employs an arsenal of technology, including computer automated design, material engineering, 3D modeling and robotics, to prefabricate homes from recycled steel.
  • EdgeTunePower is commercializing a new electric grid distributed management system to reduce grid outages and realize the operation of legacy electric grids as net-zero and fully decarbonized systems.
  • Etalim Inc. has developed a reliable remote power solution, 1GEN, which claims can cost-effectively reduce CO2e emission by 98%.
  • Farment Biosolution is an agtech startup on a mission to provide livestock farmers with cost-effective regenerative farming solutions to manage livestock waste, improve soil health, and reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming.
  • Halitra provides innovative real estate financing solutions to facilitate the retrofitting of small commercial buildings.
  • InHubs Farms uses robotics and smart control systems in the cloud to mimic how mushrooms grow in nature to improve the taste, nutrition, and yield.
  • NanoTerraTech has developed a proprietary method to create environmentally friendly and sustainable advanced carbon materials from biomass waste, replacing fossil fuel-derived carbon materials in manufacturing.
  • Novion offers the world’s first Green Stormwater infrastructure platform to help cities manage green infrastructure needs ranging from planning and design to operations and maintenance.
  • Peko Produce is building Canada’s number one online grocery marketplace that delivers “peculiar” or surplus groceries at up to 40 percent off retail prices.
  • QuantoTech is a vertical farming company that designs, builds, and operates automated equipment—and also sells leafy greens and herbs.
  • Reusables.com helps food businesses replace single-use containers with reusables through tech-enabled packaging paired with a proprietary tracking software.
  • Rockburst Technologies is a mining innovation startup developing a new comminution (particle reduction) technology that uses super-critical CO2 to exert tensile breakage in ore and other materials.
  • Sentire augments robots and advanced machines so they can quickly learn a new task, adapt or react to complex environments, such as a farm.