Есть ли стратап бизнес в Атлантической Канаде. HealthTech. EcoTech. EcoTech. SaaS. Yacht management. Logistic. Supply Chain.

Всегда интересно, какие стартапы попадают в Акселераторы, чтобы масштабироваться на рынке. В Канаде - это обычно компании, кто уже имеет регулярный доход, а основатели работают в компании полный рабочий день.

Вот список таких компаний в осенней сессии Акселератора Propel из Атлантической Канады. Конечно большая часть проектов связана со спецификой региона - океан, агросектор, логистика.

Three Hippies

Prince Edward Island

Geordie Noye, CEO

Three Hippies is a software-as-a-service company developing Locarius.io, a digital ticket platform that guarantees authenticity and ownership.

Air Clarity Solutions

New Brunswick

Mike Rushton, President

Air Clarity Solutions is developing air filtration technology to remove indoor air pollution in industrial settings.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Rikki Lee Scicluna and Jacob Critch

Songflow is an online collaborative platform for musicians to record and edit music.


New Brunswick

Conor O’Brien and Tom Cooper, Co-Founders

Dependbuild sells cloud software to help municipalities and infrastructure developers identify, assess and track risks to their construction projects.


Nova Scotia

Olivier Hendrikx, CEO

INav4U has developed the Wayfinder Dashboard, which is an enterprise software platform for yacht management that offers real-time monitoring and alerts about a vessel’s operation.

WSA Solutions

Prince Edward Island

Feije De Boer and Stanley De Boer

WSA’s software-as-a-service product, PATH, makes supply chain and operations management software for the produce industry, with features such as lot traceability and help for users generating compliance documents.


Nova Scotia

RemoteCon sells high-tech sensors and communications modules for the oceans economy.

Atlantic Institute for Resilience

Nova Scotia

Dr. Jackie Kinley

AIR sells mental resiliency training software to companies and organizations for use by their employees.


Nova Scotia

VeCharter is a ride sharing service.

Millennia TEA

New Brunswick

Tracy Bell, CEO

Millennia sells edible, flash-frozen tea in three forms: loose-leaf, chopped and cubed.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Holly Hill, CEO

SiftMed’s artificial intelligence platform automatically organizes medical records into a clearly labelled, searchable database for use by staff at insurance companies and law offices.


New Brunswick

Bethany Deshpande

SomaDetect uses optical technology to track the quality of milk being produced at the level of individual cows during milking.

Seathru Technologies

Newfoundland and Labrador

Seathru is developing a digital twin remote monitoring system for marine vessels meant to predict equipment failures before they happen.

HerBiome Skincare

Nova Scotia

Julie Anne Dayrit

HerBiome make skincare products derived from plant extracts for treating inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis.