Портал CBINSIGHTпредставил обзор 25 отраслей и технологий, формирующих мир после коронавируса.

Это один из самых уважаемых информационых ресурсов в стартап индустрии. Вот полный список направлений инвестирования, которые там представлены.
Healthcare: Using data, wearables, and VR to make care more accessible
Telehealth technology
Continuous & remote diagnostics
Virtual fitness & gyms
Senior care & aging in place
Work: Sudden surge in remote work accelerates digital infrastructure adoption
Telecommuting tech
Enterprise virtual reality
Education: Technology and online content make the classroom optional
Remote learning technology
Online courses & content
Manufacturing: 3D and automation technology boost industry’s agility and flexibility
3D printing
Industrial automation & robotics
Retail: Shopping goes even more online as grocery joins the e-commerce revolution
Online grocery
Enhanced e-commerce
Customer service: Customer experience goes virtual with conversational AI
Conversational AI/chatbots
Cloud call centers
Finance: Demand for contactless options accelerates digital adoption
Contactless payments
Branchless banking
Parametric insurance
Security: Higher internet usage and data generation lead to increased investment
Personal surveillance technology
Distributed cybersecurity
Entertainment: “Real world” goes online with virtual reality and virtual events
Social online gaming
Virtual events
Food services: Social distancing propels take-outs and deliveries to success
Restaurant & grocery delivery
Cloud kitchens
Mobility: Shared micromobility and D2C bikes & scooters bounce back after initial disruption
Life after Covid: Continuation or backlash?